Become a Seller

Step 1: Register yourself and List your products

To sell on Pezkart you make to registration on Pezkart Seller with email-id or Mobile number at easy signup.

You have to required GSTIN Number & Bank Account to join Pezkart Seller.

Step 2: Upload Your Products

One you signup seller account on Pezkart, we will approve your seller request for little document verification then you will go to dashboard to start upload your products.

       Upload Products-> Get Orders -> Order Ship-> Collect Cash

Category Fees 0%

Note* TCS fees 1% will be charged by each products as per the govt. rules.

Shipping Fees

Products Price Range(Price wise shipping if parcel below 500 grams)All Category
2000 above 10+
if parcel weight above 500 grams60+

Products Weight(in grams)All Category
0-500 base shipping rate according Price
above 2000(Heavy weight products)120-200+

How to Calculate Profit

Step 1: Calculate your Category fees
Step 2: Calculate the shipping fees, or if you are using self-ship, shipping not eligible.
Step 3: Calculate Total Fees = Category Fees + Shipping Fees.
Step 4: Profit = Selling price - cost of product - Total Fees.
Step 5: Profit = Item Sale price - cost of product - Total Fees

Payment Cycle

You are eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is delivered. Pezkart ensures payment for your sales (minus the Pezkart Seller fees) is deposited securely into your bank account every 7 days, including your Cash on Delivery orders. 

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